What is the difference between Flex and Fix?


Having a Fix coworking desk means having your own work desk and dedicated area in the coworking space. You’ll be able to leave your personal belongings at your desk and you can even work with your own monitor if needed.


This option gives you access to all designated flex areas. These not only include the flexible desks but also common areas, kitchens, sofas and our terraces. Just remember that you won’t be able to leave your belongings.

Flex Part-Time

It works just the same as the Flex option, but you have to choose the morning or afternoon turn. At 2pm coworkers on the morning schedule free up the space for those on the afternoon turn.

Do you have lockers?

No, we don’t have lockers. At Aticco we take security very seriously, but we do not want to promote the idea that it is unsafe to leave your belongings. We have fingerprint access, cameras and insurance coverage in case anything happens. However, trust in our community is one of the main
factors that make this coworking space a safe place.

Are you really open 24/7?

Yes! You can come work at Aticco at any moment of any day of the year. We have fingerprint access allowing you to enter whenever you need.

Can I start with just a desk and then scale up from there?

Yes! We have a lot of space available. At Aticco your business can grow as fast and as much as you want, as we have more than 3000 square meters for you and your team. We also keep growing! 

Can I receive mail at Aticco?

Each floor at Aticco has its own reception desk which is open all business days from 9am to 6pm (until 3pm on Fridays). We can receive any mail and packages of yours during these hours. No problem!

Can I make lengthy calls from my desk?

We do not have a silence policy at the coworking desks. You are allowed to take calls as long as you respect your neighbours. If you intend to take a call that will have you talking a long time, you can use one of our nine available Skype booths.

How do I pay for membership?

If you have a European bank account, you can easily direct debit your payments. Otherwise, you can pay via bank transfer or with a VISA card at reception. Also, if you have a valid European VAT number (except Spanish numbers) you are exempt from paying VAT.

Is there a minimum-term contract?

Our contracts do not have a minimum term, you can go as you wish provided you notify us 15 days in advance, or 30 days in advance if you are renting a private office.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes. For a Fix desk or the Flex option, the deposit amounts to half of your monthly fee. For private offices, the deposit is a one month fee.

What services are included in my contract?

Tu membership incluye:

  • 24/7 access to the work space.
  • Business address.
  • Mail and package reception service.
  • Professional black & white and colour printer.
  • Freshly ground coffee.
  • …and much more!

What services are excluded?

We offer several services that can be added on to your membership:

  • Subscription to the Dir Barcelona gym.
  • Tax and accounting advice.
  • Marketing and web design service.
  • Aticco Health (homeopathy, osteopathy, physiotherapy, massages and training).

¿Cuáles son las ventajas de alquilar un despacho privado dentro de un espacio de coworking?

Alquilar un despacho privado en un espacio de coworking combina los beneficios de una oficina propia con las oportunidades de un espacio de coworking abierto. Es ideal para equipos que necesitan privacidad y libertad a la hora de hacer llamadas y hablar con colegas. No tendrás que preocuparte por nada, tu oficina ya viene amueblada, tiene aire acondicionado, calefacción independiente y todo lo que necesitas para empezar a trabajar desde el primer día. ¡Por supuesto que siempre puedes personalizarla a tu gusto!

¿Cuántas salas de reuniones tienen?

Por el momento, tenemos 2 salas de reuniones por piso, lo que significa 6 salas de reuniones en total para ti y tus clientes.

Can you tell me anything else about the community?

¡Of course! At this time, our community is made up of a diverse group of more than 450 collaborators, half of which are locals and the other half coming from all over the world. Most are freelancers and startups working in technology, but there are also people from many different
professional backgrounds.

Once I have my Aticco plan, can I use the workspaces in other locations?

Coworkers with a Fix or Private Office plan can use the common areas in other Aticco locations within business hours (9am to 6pm). If you need to set up a meeting at a different location from your own, you have to get in touch with the managers of that location and ask them to book you a meeting room. Coworkers on the Flex or other more limited plans can only access the coworking space where they have signed up.