An optimal web design isn’t all about creating a visually-engaging website, it’s vital to fully understand your needs and express them in a digital platform in order to spread your message and engage the type of costumer you are looking for.

In order to achieve this our team will be on constant communication with you and suggest the resources and digital marketing tools that suit your corporate image best.

In addition to web design we will also provide your website with the structure necessary to get the highest visibility on Google.


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Sit back & relax! This is Aticco, a new concept of Coworking aimed at making your life easier. By becoming part of our community you will have much more than just an outstanding workplace in a 1000m2 penthouse overlooking the whole city, but also you will have access to exclusive benefits and services that may be useful to your company such as financial consultancy, online marketing, gym, daily menus, etc.

Aticco will be your reliable partner so that you can focus on the most important part of your business: your clients. Visit us now and find out what it feels like to work right on the top of Barcelona.